A cure for Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most frequent cause of dementia characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive function associated with the formation of amyloid beta (Aβ) plaque.  

The amyloid plaques are composed mainly of Aβ which is a cleavage product of APP.11      Interestingly, Aβ has recently been recognized as antimicrobial peptide (AMP), a part of the innate immune system.16,17 In addition, while monomeric Aβ shows little antimicrobial activity, its capability of aggregation allows to form antimicrobial poreforming structures.17     (http://www.jnmjournal.org)

The fact that is especially important, here: The aggregation forms an antimicrobial structure.

Previous investigators universally view plaque formation as the cause of Alzheimer’s. This is tantamount to the blaming of car wrecks on ambulances simply because ambulances appear on the scene of accidents. That the plaque complex is antimicrobial sends the message that plaque formation is in response to some, likely, viral activity.

Herpes infects more than half of all individuals.   Herpes is the only virus with the ability to actively hide from the immune system. Herpes hides behind the blood brain barrier until it gets a signal that the immune system is busy, elsewhere. This is the unseen car wreck in a remote location.

It has been long known that high levels of the amino acid “Lysine” will inhibit “fever blisters.” Lysine is likely effective in suppressing herpes outbreaks by masking high levels of the actual triggering amino acid complex.

It takes high levels of specific amino acids (strong signals) to trigger herpes outbreaks. As we age, some amino acids are not well absorbed. The amino acid complex that triggers herpes may become rare.  Elderly immune systems may also produce less than the minimum signal level needed to trigger herpes response. Without the signal for a safe exit, herpes says put. The herpes virus remains active but is virtually”trapped” behind the blood brain barrier.

In older individuals, the virus stays in the brain because it cannot be triggered to leave. Herpes would essentially remain active in the brain …where plaque formation attempts to contain it.

Basically, the process was missed for so long because there is an error in how amino acids are scientifically classified.  No earlier investigator even thought to look there because this area was deemed to be settled science.

The method to halt progress of Alzheimer’s disease by removing the virus is currently “patent pending.” The Warren Plan covers the process to stop the progression of and “essentially cure” Alzheimer’s disease for $200 or less. There is no additional cost to taxpayers.

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