The Case for Monogamy

This essay should not be construed as a personal attack against President Donald Trump. Trump, did trigger the compilation by questioning the linage of Senator Elizabeth Warren, President Barack Obama, et al. However, this essay is not all about politics, it is to explain the workings of genetics.

Microbolic theory explains evolution and inheritable structure and function of animals.  In human evolution,  it becomes appropriate to use the computer as a model.   We have hardware (structure) from the output of our genes, firmware (thought process hardwired through education) and software.  Software takes the form of peptides, neurotransmitters and hormones.  These active molecules are constructed according to interactions within the unique components of an individual’s microbiome. 

Key discoveries of Microbolics:

1. Gut bacteria modify human emotions through the process of peptide production.

2   Humans are the only animals that can speak. This is because products of our gut bacteria allow production of the neurotransmitters that allow speech.

3.  Change in an individual microbiome is usefully only accomplished by subtraction.

It should be noted that many thousands of combinations of bacterial species can provide useful neurotransmitters within humans. Many of these bacteria are interchangeable, although, not all are.   Some may become harmful. Just as in the computer analogy, the presence of viruses and bloated, foreign or maleficent software is never good for the process.

This illuminates that human behavior (as well as, the metabolism in total) is a function of the smooth transfer of the microbiome from generation to generation. 

There is a consistency in the way that the microbiome effects behavior in individuals. There is further consistency in the way that it is normally transmitted from mother to child.   That said, Elizabeth Warren’s mother most definitely would have inherited the same, exact microbiome of her mother.   This would imply that Elizabeth Warren’s complement of gut bacteria would be virtually identical to that of the Native American great-great grandmother on her mother’s side.   Therefore, Elizabeth Warren would be very likely to think, speak, and show emotions much the same as would any Native American.

There are three pools of genes comprising humans: Eukarytotic,  Mitochondrial and Microbiome.  The “standard” DNA test only examines Eukaryotic  or “human cellular” DNA,  Mitochondria were once separate bacteria that early on became incorporated within human cells. Mitochondria maintains it’s own, and always maternal linage, DNA.

  1. The later two groups come directly through the mother or maternal linage.
  2. The gene pool of the gut bacteria primarily controls human metabolism and sets behavior.
  3. The microbiome transmittable to a newborn could be altered prior to the birth.  

The microbiome accounts for around 46% of the total human genome.   Combining this with mitochondrial plus eukaryotic DNA would allow Elizabeth Warren to honestly claim much more than one-half Native American ancestry.  As further evidence of the critical importance of the DNA within the microbiome,  the Hebrew faith acknowledges that “Jewishness” passes only through the mother’s side.

Variability within the microbiome of individuals account for much of the difference in thought and speech patterns.  Mood, feelings and behavior are traceable directly to DNA in the microbiome.  These same combinations of microorganisms would have been utilized in the production of the mother’s critical neurotransmitters.  Therefore, Individual humans will generally tend to think, speak and behave much like their mothers. 

There is an exception. Females may temporarily “go nuts” due to bacteria transmitted from a sexual partner …but often quickly grow out of this as their immune system evicts invading behavior altering bacteria.  Such bacteria may also linger in the vagina. Placental bacteria and vaginal microorganisms are transmitted to an offspring during the process of birth.

It is in our interest as a species to prevent or at least try to control “crazy.” 

The birth canal is where critical genetic information is transferred to the next generation.  This is the case for monogamy and simply why virgins are much preferred in procreation.  Just as children born by cesarean section have difficulties due to lack of essential bacteria, those unfortunates born exposed to slutty bacteria will also develop slutty thinking 

The microbiome cannot be dismissed.  Trump’s thinking, speech and behavior cannot be ignored as having come from outside.   Apparently, none of his older siblings were exposed to that which he was exposed to.  The older siblings, therefore, would display the good characteristics of their mother’s original unaltered microbiome.

Among the proven factors that may alter the behavior of an individual  (as opposed to raw genetic traits and/or education induced changes) are these:

1.  Bacterial exposure of a newborn during and immediately after birth

2.  Whatever cheap slut that Fred was banging around the time of the boy’s birth.

It may not be Trump’s fault in acquiring impulsive and uncaring behavior, as well as, the thought patterns of a slut.  On some level the father acknowledged responsibility.  New Yorker’s, too, were long aware.  This does not mean the rest of America must put up with it.  

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