The Case for Monogamy

This essay should not be construed as a personal attack against President Donald Trump. Trump, did trigger the compilation by questioning the linage of Senator Elizabeth Warren, President Barack Obama, et al. However, this essay is not all about politics, it is to explain the workings of genetics.

Microbolic theory explains evolution and inheritable structure and function of animals.  In human evolution,  it becomes appropriate to use the computer as a model.   We have hardware (structure) from the output of our genes, firmware (thought process hardwired through education) and software.  Software takes the form of peptides, neurotransmitters and hormones.  These active molecules are constructed according to interactions within the unique components of an individual’s microbiome. 

Key discoveries of Microbolics:

1. Gut bacteria modify human emotions through the process of peptide production.

2   Humans are the only animals that can speak. This is because products of our gut bacteria allow production of the neurotransmitters that allow speech.

3.  Change in an individual microbiome is usefully only accomplished by subtraction.

It should be noted that many thousands of combinations of bacterial species can provide useful neurotransmitters within humans. Many of these bacteria are interchangeable, although, not all are.   Some may become harmful. Just as in the computer analogy, the presence of viruses and bloated, foreign or maleficent software is never good for the process.

This illuminates that human behavior (as well as, the metabolism in total) is a function of the smooth transfer of the microbiome from generation to generation. 

There is a consistency in the way that the microbiome effects behavior in individuals. There is further consistency in the way that it is normally transmitted from mother to child.   That said, Elizabeth Warren’s mother most definitely would have inherited the same, exact microbiome of her mother.   This would imply that Elizabeth Warren’s complement of gut bacteria would be virtually identical to that of the Native American great-great grandmother on her mother’s side.   Therefore, Elizabeth Warren would be very likely to think, speak, and show emotions much the same as would any Native American.

There are three pools of genes comprising humans: Eukarytotic,  Mitochondrial and Microbiome.  The “standard” DNA test only examines Eukaryotic  or “human cellular” DNA,  Mitochondria were once separate bacteria that early on became incorporated within human cells. Mitochondria maintains it’s own, and always maternal linage, DNA.

  1. The later two groups come directly through the mother or maternal linage.
  2. The gene pool of the gut bacteria primarily controls human metabolism and sets behavior.
  3. The microbiome transmittable to a newborn could be altered prior to the birth.  

The microbiome accounts for around 46% of the total human genome.   Combining this with mitochondrial plus eukaryotic DNA would allow Elizabeth Warren to honestly claim much more than one-half Native American ancestry.  As further evidence of the critical importance of the DNA within the microbiome,  the Hebrew faith acknowledges that “Jewishness” passes only through the mother’s side.

Variability within the microbiome of individuals account for much of the difference in thought and speech patterns.  Mood, feelings and behavior are traceable directly to DNA in the microbiome.  These same combinations of microorganisms would have been utilized in the production of the mother’s critical neurotransmitters.  Therefore, Individual humans will generally tend to think, speak and behave much like their mothers. 

There is an exception. Females may temporarily “go nuts” due to bacteria transmitted from a sexual partner …but often quickly grow out of this as their immune system evicts invading behavior altering bacteria.  Such bacteria may also linger in the vagina. Placental bacteria and vaginal microorganisms are transmitted to an offspring during the process of birth.

It is in our interest as a species to prevent or at least try to control “crazy.” 

The birth canal is where critical genetic information is transferred to the next generation.  This is the case for monogamy and simply why virgins are much preferred in procreation.  Just as children born by cesarean section have difficulties due to lack of essential bacteria, those unfortunates born exposed to slutty bacteria will also develop slutty thinking 

The microbiome cannot be dismissed.  Trump’s thinking, speech and behavior cannot be ignored as having come from outside.   Apparently, none of his older siblings were exposed to that which he was exposed to.  The older siblings, therefore, would display the good characteristics of their mother’s original unaltered microbiome.

Among the proven factors that may alter the behavior of an individual  (as opposed to raw genetic traits and/or education induced changes) are these:

1.  Bacterial exposure of a newborn during and immediately after birth

2.  Whatever cheap slut that Fred was banging around the time of the boy’s birth.

It may not be Trump’s fault in acquiring impulsive and uncaring behavior, as well as, the thought patterns of a slut.  On some level the father acknowledged responsibility.  New Yorker’s, too, were long aware.  This does not mean the rest of America must put up with it.  

The lymph system and timing

Diseases of aging may be slowed or even halted.   Increasing evidence suggests we can make a huge difference in our health by our own actions.   Knowledge of the function of the microbiome may lead to vast improvements in both personal health and in medical outcomes.  The timing of food intake and exercise are important.  This one factor may play a huge role in the differences in health between individuals.

Few previous scientific theories have so intensely involved the lymphatic system.   Some physicians and scientists still view lymph as mere drainage for the circulation.   The 400 lymph nodes are actually a primary reason for the superiority of our species over all of the other animals.   The high number and specificity of lymph nodes allow for optimal utilization of nutritional resource.

Key Points:

Exercise: The lymph system circulates solely by muscle movement.

If lymph is not circulating, unabsorbed nutrients, by default, go to the gut bacteria.

Balanced diet: microorganisms specialize in the foodstuffs that they modify. 

The order in which nutrition is received plays a role in its presentation to lymph nodes.

Overeating: Too much nutrition, all at once, encourages explosive bacterial growth.

The combination of overeating and lack of exercise triggers rapid aging. Timing of exercise could be beneficial to reducing overgrowth of “rogue” bacteria by removing the source of extra nutrition.

The aging process appears as a bodily trade-off against potentially fatal explosive growth of bacteria.   Problems with aging begin when numbers of bacteria in the colon go beyond a certain level.  Explosive bacterial growth then triggers a bodily response to reduce absorption of specific nutrition.

This sophisticated protein starvation process is not well identified, as humans still gain weight since carbs and fats are always well absorbed.

Obesity epidemic in America

Only in America are obesity rates increasing this rapidly.   Everyone knows the health problems associated with obesity, yet it continues.  As a country, we are all aware that we must do something about the growing problem of obesity.

Logically, Americans are simply not balancing what they eat and do.  We see this all of the time in advertising for food and beverages.   There also could be another reason.  The food supply in America may be adulterated and misbranded to increase the profits of large food corporations.   

Large corporations may well be ignorant or uncaring of what they are doing.  They could simply think that they can get away with it, as no one could be able to find them out.   The FDA may be looking the other way.  

However, science is advancing rapidly.   Understanding that the microbiome plays a huge role in human metabolism, health, and wellness could lead to a breakthrough. It could lead to ultimate proof of major corporate wrongdoing.

Experimental evidence points to corporate corruption.   The involved streptococcus species and the biological trigger for obesity have each been identified.   Watch for an announcement, shortly.

A brief history of corruption

Richard Nixon began as the “health insurance company candidate.”  In 1946, the Republican Party successfully took the US House with a well funded campaign against “socialized” medicine.

During the war, wage and price controls made insurance benefits about the only way reward employees.   The practice became so very profitable for insurance companies that insurance interests engineered a plan to preserve it.

Insurance companies, weapon manufacturers, and financial manipulators all have prior history in funding the Republican Party.   Charles H. Ray, a practicing physician (turned newspaper editor) worked with Lincoln to build the coalition to provoke war over slavery.   Insurance companies wished the federal government to fund life insurance policies for soldiers. (They did.) The gun manufacturers wished to sell lots of arms. (They did.)  Lastly, financial manipulators wished inside information. (90% of financial panics begin under Republican leadership.)   It is known that Lincoln made the bulk of his fortune in financial manipulation such as speculation in land.  As a railroad lawyer, Lincoln knew where the railroads would be built.   Ray was an investor in these syndicates. 

Specific financial misdeeds are becoming known. This is most damning for Republican insiders. Many hundreds of millions of dollars are now being spent to get ahead of it.  Regardless, the association of health insurance companies with the Republican Party is extremely strong.

  • In 1989, the DOJ under President George H.W. Bush sided with health insurance companies in a class action lawsuit from physicians and providers before it even went to trial.   This act granted de facto exemption from federal anti trust laws to the health insurance industry.
  • Hillary Clinton’s touted “health care plan” involved larger health insurance companies dividing the country into five zones.   Each insurer controlling a zone would be responsible to cover care for the non-insured, as well.   In the end, Mrs. Clinton got stiffed …right before the 1994 elections.
  • The smaller health insurers contributed 20 million to Newt Gingrich’s GO PAC.   Although it was (at the time) illegal, Gingrich funneled these funds into supporting Republican house candidates.  The Republicans took the house in 1994.
  • Legislation providing for Medicare Part D passed both houses of congress with the stipulation that insurance companies and Medicare would equally split the up to 50% rebates from drug manufacturers.   What came out of the Republican controlled conference committee allowed the insurance companies to keep all drug rebates.   In 2006, President George Bush signed this into law, adding trillions to the costs of the plan.
  • The Affordable Care Act was passed in congress on a strictly partisan basis.  The health insurance industry was unanimously opposed to this bill and contributed heavily to Republicans to oppose it.   The Trump administration has taken the fight to overturn ACA and it’s protections for preexisting conditions to the courts.  Packing the courts with judges sympathetic to Republican donors now seems to have been a good idea.

As death to a democracy usually comes from thousands of cuts, there surely must be many more examples.  These will be added as they become documented.

A cure for Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most frequent cause of dementia characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive function associated with the formation of amyloid beta (Aβ) plaque.  

The amyloid plaques are composed mainly of Aβ which is a cleavage product of APP.11      Interestingly, Aβ has recently been recognized as antimicrobial peptide (AMP), a part of the innate immune system.16,17 In addition, while monomeric Aβ shows little antimicrobial activity, its capability of aggregation allows to form antimicrobial poreforming structures.17     (http://www.jnmjournal.org)

The fact that is especially important, here: The aggregation forms an antimicrobial structure.

Previous investigators universally view plaque formation as the cause of Alzheimer’s. This is tantamount to the blaming of car wrecks on ambulances simply because ambulances appear on the scene of accidents. That the plaque complex is antimicrobial sends the message that plaque formation is in response to some, likely, viral activity.

Herpes infects more than half of all individuals.   Herpes is the only virus with the ability to actively hide from the immune system. Herpes hides behind the blood brain barrier until it gets a signal that the immune system is busy, elsewhere. This is the unseen car wreck in a remote location.

It has been long known that high levels of the amino acid “Lysine” will inhibit “fever blisters.” Lysine is likely effective in suppressing herpes outbreaks by masking high levels of the actual triggering amino acid complex.

It takes high levels of specific amino acids (strong signals) to trigger herpes outbreaks. As we age, some amino acids are not well absorbed. The amino acid complex that triggers herpes may become rare.  Elderly immune systems may also produce less than the minimum signal level needed to trigger herpes response. Without the signal for a safe exit, herpes says put. The herpes virus remains active but is virtually”trapped” behind the blood brain barrier.

In older individuals, the virus stays in the brain because it cannot be triggered to leave. Herpes would essentially remain active in the brain …where plaque formation attempts to contain it.

Basically, the process was missed for so long because there is an error in how amino acids are scientifically classified.  No earlier investigator even thought to look there because this area was deemed to be settled science.

The method to halt progress of Alzheimer’s disease by removing the virus is currently “patent pending.” The Warren Plan covers the process to stop the progression of and “essentially cure” Alzheimer’s disease for $200 or less. There is no additional cost to taxpayers.

Microbolic Theory

All mammals have around 25,000 genes, yet humans are by far the most sophisticated.  Our similar number of genes can code advanced processes because humans utilize thousands of commensal gut bacteria species to produce the precursors and chemical intermediates of human protein.  Some bacteria even work in concert to produce a useful molecule.  Human genes appear to begin few processes from absolute scratch.   However, there may also be a downside to these bacteria.   In 1907, Metchnikoff theorized rouge bacterial colonization of the colon was the cause of aging.

A decline in physical protein structure and increasing loss of function define aging.  Diseases of aging all have in common a lack of collagen, peptides or hormones.  Each of these proteins is formed only by the complete supply of all twenty amino acids.   Lack of a single amino acid is enough to prevent production of a specific protein.   Indeed. the first seen diseases of aging, hypertension and diabetes, are shown to be caused by a lack of control peptides.

The new theory is that gut bacteria are consuming more than a normal share of protein resource. This would lead to internal shortages of amino acids. The borrowing of specific amino acids from structure becomes necessary to continue life. Collagen of the face is usually the first site targeted. The missing collagen, “wrinkles,” become the first visible sign of aging.

Madame Jeanne Calment lived almost 123 years.   Her sole unusual habit was to consume a bottle of port wine each night within an extended suppertime.   In 2012, a molecule was isolated that naturally forms from extended contact of alcohol with amino acids.   The new molecule allows that the specific and known missing amino acids are quickly absorbed. 

The Metchnikoff theory was abandoned because researchers of the day could not isolate the ”toxin” they believed responsible for aging.  There is still unwavering faith in existing orthodoxy.   Competition for resource with common “gut bacteria” as the trigger of aging is not yet well accepted. It will be soon …because the new products are shown to work.

This section began by naming the basis of human evolution. The “poster child” for evolution is a small livebearer family of fishes, the Goodeid’s of Mexico. Goodeids can evolve into an entirely new species in only one generation. New ooloring, changes in behaviors, and diet change from full herbivore to full carnivore and everything in between are all possible in one generation. A pregnant female need only to drop her fry in a different body of water. The fry incorporate local bacteria to form an entirely new microbiome. As they develop, these characteristics can be passed on to offspring.